Rosy & Earnest

Be Earnest

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    Tart fruit sweetness. Airy and shifting, phantasmic florals. Woods made delicate and suede-like. Cozy contradictions drift like clouds through this ode to authenticity. Nothing is too strong, too loud, or too dominant. An easy wear with a grounding effect that we adore. Your assignment? Go on a gently winding journey and find lightness and strength that never seems to try for anything except being well-balanced within itself. Can you find it? Whoever would have thought perfume could be a good role model? Walk softly, and be earnest.


    Notes include rhubarb, apple, floral accord, Canadian fir balsam, Virginia cedarwood, musk.

  • Rosy & Earnest, the EWG-certified Canadian house making fragrances clean, transparent, & fun.