April 2016: Spring Day

April 01, 2016 1 Comment

Is there anything more perfect than a perfect spring day? The air smells of nature that has come back to life, the light is warm, and your field of vision is saturated with every shade of green.

All you need is a scent track—and here it is. Start the morning with a tangy, zesty citrus that will awaken your senses. In the afternoon, switch to a creamy, floral leather that is light as air. When evening rolls in, reach for the rich, sophisticated oriental that perfectly juxtaposes light and dark and leaves you feeling utterly transported to a different time and place. After all, you are in a different time and place. You're finally in spring.

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White Pepper Mandarin
by Note Fragrances.
 White Pepper Mandarin sits firmly on our "can't go wrong" list. You probably have such a list, whether you realize it or not: that short list of perfumes that are perfect to wear even when you don't know what to wear. Read more...

Sleeping With Ghosts by Mark Buxton. At first, it's the name that gets us: "Sleeping With Ghosts" conjures love and loss and the way that old memories can haunt. But for perfumer Mark Buxton, it seems that these memories are more sweet than bitter, because what we find in Sleeping with Ghosts is almost immediately smile-inducing. Read more...

Cher Wood by Molinard. Recently, the storied French perfume house released La Collection Privée featuring Cher Wood, a perfume that we snapped up the instant we smelled it. This is a fragrances that is so thoroughly French in its elegance, yet perfectly modern and ageless. Read more...



We hope you love this month's scent track. Leave your reviews to let us know!

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July 07, 2016

White Pepper Mandarin was clean and bright, accurately described as “can’t go wrong”— for me a warmer weather or vacation scent. I couldn’t get enough of Sleeping with Ghosts, I wanted to wear everyday as an office daytime scent— subtle, interesting but present. While I liked Cher Wood, I kept wishing I was wearing less something woody and more amber like En Voyage’s Captured in Amber.

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