April 2016 for Men: Pick-Me-Up

April 01, 2016

One of the most remarkable things about fragrance is its ability to instantly affect mood. Just a spray of the right scent can make us feel cool, calm, and confident.

These three fragrances offer exactly that type of pick-me-up. One features the centering presence of vetiver. One pairs green apple with patchouli to delightful effect. Another translates into “girl trap”–tongue in cheek, although it certainly could ensnare anyone. Each has a bold presence that makes you feel ready to take on the day. And isn't that quite an impressive feat for some microscopic molecules?

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Emotional Rescue by Mark Buxton. Yes, we know--we just introduced you to the work of Mark Buxton. But Emotional Rescue has been getting a lot of attention lately, and we're glad to see Mark (and vetiver!) having a moment right now. Read more...

Cypress White Cedar by Note Fragrances. New release!This brand-new number from Note was inspired by walks through New York's Finger Lakes National Forest, and you can smell each of the four seasons peeking through the composition. Read more...

Piège à Filles by Ego Facto. Piège à Filles is a fascinating scent that showcases Pierre Aulas' skill for unusual note combinations, and we're drawn to the way the animalic cumin (rrrrrawr!) contrasts with the pretty, almondy heliotrope. Read more...

We hope you find your perfect pick-me-ups in this collection. Enjoy this glorious month of spring!

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