May 2016 for Men: Smoke

May 02, 2016

Smoke has long been a major element of perfumery. In fact, “perfume” comes from the Latin per fumum, or “through smoke.” In perfume, smoke can take the form of a campfire, raging or extinguished; a burnt match or dampered candle; a cigar alight; or a stick of incense throwing tendrils into the air.

In any form, smoke creates an aura of mystery—perhaps because our noses struggle to find the source and determine whether it is a fire to be welcomed or feared. In this case, we have no fire—only its beautifully smoldering companion.

  Puro by Nejma
Puro by Nejma  was inspired by a trip to Cuba, and here you'll find all of the scents that you would imagine: the lime, rum, and mint from a perfect mojito, the cinnamon and cloves wafting from the bakery up the street, and the peppery cigar leaf.  Read more...

Aperture by Ulrich Lang New York
 was inspired by a photograph. The photo, by talented young photographer Olivia Bee, captures a young man's silhouette against a vivid sunset with bright bands of violet, orange, and indigo—the camera's aperture set wide open to put the subject in sharp focus against the hazy, dreamlike sky. Read more...

Dark Aoud by Montale
is  the favorite Montale of many Montale aficionados, and it's easy to see why. Dark Aoud is darkness penetrated by a flicker of hot light, like a candle glowing in the chambers of an Egyptian pharaoh. Read more...

Enjoy this month's collection of smoky, smoldering fragrances. Sign up by May 15 to get yours.


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