Vintage Americana Sample Pack

  • Go back in time to Vintage Americana with  Josh Meyer, the creator and perfumer of Imaginary Authors out of Portland, Oregon. His line of fun and quirky scents has an imaginary author to match and we've put together our favorites for a sense of nostalgia. Transport back in time with this Imaginary Authors Sample Pack and get   10% off the price of á la carte samples.

    • O,Unknown   by Imaginary Authorsfollows a man, Sava, leaving all his belongings behind, he hopped a freighter across the Indian Ocean and wandered into the Bangladesh wilderness. His journey, which lasted over a decade, took him through Nepal and Tibet where his exploration turned spiritual and into rural China where months of solitude resulted in some of the most confessional observations ever committed to paper.
    • Saint Julep  by Imaginary Authorstakes you to a ramshackle juke joint called Saint Julep where the oral histories compiled within paint a picture of that magical place where “the smiles are always free and salvation had the distinct smell of sweet mint.”
    • The Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors  is inspired by a 1916 book of the same name by American Claude LeCoq. The book captures the spirit of "adolescent upper-class rebellion in New England," where a sporting game of tennis is the pastime, attendance at high-society dinners is  de rigueur , and a love affair with a certain young woman of a lower social class is forbidden fruit.
    • Telegrama  by Imaginary Authors revolves around two Argentinian lovers, separated when they were nineteen, but forever tethered to hope. Many years later, the two are serendipitously united but with repercussions.
    • Features 4 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • This sample pack is unisex.