Rook Fragrances


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    Undergrowth is visceral. It's an attempt re-create the scent evoked by pulling fresh garden mint from damp earth and bottle it. It is somehow familiar but it being born from a perfume bottle takes a moment to accept. Undergrowth is the scent that takes people's noses back to their wrist over and over again until they finally succumb and can't live without it.


    Notes include soil, garden mint, grass, green notes, mandarin, orris, vetiver, patchouli, and white musk.

  • The story of Rook is unique and its roots lie in humble beginnings with the founder and perfumer Nadeem Crowe working as a medical practitioner while also training as an actor at LAMDA. Always a lover of scent and the way scents evoke emotion, his passion lies in scents ability to transport you to a place or time.