Rook Perfumes


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    Carve your way to where the earth lies, the edges of a dark forest is where you’ll find Undergrowth. On a chilled, overcast day, reach down and feel the earth with your hands as you pull up mint from the dampened soil beneath you. Hold it close to your nose; now breathe in the crushed mint buried in the wet soil. Next you notice sprouts of vetiver intertwined with blades of grass piercing the surface. A slight hint of eucalyptus gives way to a crisp camphor note in this earthy-green, somewhat familiar, more so intriguing fragrance. Trust us, just wear it.


    Notes include soil tincture, garden mint, grass, green notes, mandarin, orris, vetiver, patchouli and white musk.

  • The story of Rook is unique and its roots lie in humble beginnings with the founder and perfumer Nadeem Crowe working as a medical practitioner while also training as an actor at LAMDA. Always a lover of scent and the way scents evoke emotion, his passion lies in scents ability to transport you to a place or time.