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Soliflore Orange Flower Perfume Oil Rollerball

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    Don't miss the eau de toilette! Orange Flower has some of the character we love in a big white flower like a gardenia, but it comes in a much smaller, more restrained package. Dame's top-selling floral for men, it adds in tinges of green, and then you have the tiny, magical orange flower. We've smelled plenty of fragrances that shine a spotlight on this note, but this is the first one that smells like the real thing. It comes in a deep, rich, concentrated oil applied with a rollerball.  
  • Jeffrey Dame | Dame Perfumery | OlfactifDame Perfumery Scottsdale is the creation of Jeffrey Dame, a veteran of the fragrance industry. He collaborates on the project with his son, Cullen, a budding scent aficionado and artist, with whom he has built a new line of modern American perfumes.  Find out more about Dame Perfumery Scottsdale in our  BLOG .