Libertine Fragrance

Smoked Bloom Sample

    • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

      Smoky sweet, sweet smoke. Mysterious and tempting, juicy florals and nourishing sweetness move forward in such abundance, that it’s like an offering, then slowly begin to sink into the background. A solace of soft woods drifts forth, followed by gentle smoke tendrils wearing crowns of leaves. After a moment, it’s as if the scent pyramid is in a satellite orbit as the bergamot top notes circle around the caress of woods at the base, and then back again. Set all you think you know about flowers, fruits, and scent pyramids on fire.


      Notes include bergamot, bay leaf, apricot, osmanthus, vetiver, herbal notes, sandalwood, vetiver, and white musk.



    • Josh Smith | Libertine Fragrance
      Libertine Fragrance, a Canadian house by Josh Smith that creates perfume without pretense. Learn more about Libertine Fragrance in our BLOG.