Refillable twist-up atomizer

  • Ever wish you could refresh your favorite perfume when you're out and about? You can't carry around a big glass bottle (unless you want it smashed to bits when you drop your bag). And traveling? Forget it. After the TSA sees that liquid gold, you'll never see it again.

    Enter the refillable 5 ml Olfactif travel atomizer. Just twist, pop out the vial, fill it with your favorite scent, and voilà—your perfume is perfectly portable. Available in black.

    Here's why we love it:
    • Carry everywhere. One in your purse, one in the car, another in your desk.
    • Airplane-approved! At 5 ml, it easily fits within TSA guidelines for allowable liquids in carry-ons. (In fact, you could bring several.)
    • Holds enough for weeks. The 5 ml capacity means it'll outlast a long vacation.
    • Gorgeous. #sorrynotsorry, but these little beauties are just too pretty.