Oud Al Sahraa Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Here we go, another Oud scent, right? Well, yes, it is but here’s why we love it: it’s one of the most delicate ouds we have ever smelled. It’s complex and intriguing but in the most approachable way. This is an oud that you can wear in the elevator without everyone giving you the side eye. An infusion of resinous myrrh, subtle smoke and a hint of balsamic sweetness is the base of the scent that opens with an Italian mandarin for a brief bite of citrus freshness. Labdanum shines through but again, in a subtle and subdued way. Its longevity is only a few hours, so feel free to reapply or get creative with some layering. Try it with a floral-forward fragrance like Superbia by Memoizeor one that is heavily wooded like Sombre Negra by Yosh.


    Notes include Malaysian oud, Namibian myrrh, and Italian mandarin.

  • Sophie BerdouesBerdoues, a century-old French perfumery currently run by  Sophie Berdoues, the fourth generation heir of Berdoues. She takes the helm and unites the respect for the family heritage with her creative sensibility to inspire a new colorful, free and singular world.