Christèle Jacquemin

Meandering Soul

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    The Meandering Soul Eau de Parfum is inspired by the collection of photographs Christèle Jacquemin took in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan where she stayed for one month first in an artistic residency and then hosted in a private home. It was a chaotic month seeking to escape the noise and frantic pace of this Asian New York. Her respite: going out at night, wandering peacefully according to her inspiration and reconnecting with nature that she missed so much. Back from Taiwan, Christèle worked to translate into scent the calm felt during these nocturnal walks.


    Notes include cinnamon, hinoki wood, sweet fennel, ylang-ylang, narcissus, caramel, tobacco leaves.

  • Christèle Jacquemin, a photographer, perfumer, and traveler, embraces life through an artistic practice. Translating images that bamboozle and scents that instantly project into a possible faraway. Learn more about Christèle Jacquemin in our BLOG.