JD Jeffrey Dame

Juste Filthy Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Prepare your palette for this one. Pushing the boundaries of perfumery often times calls for an animalic edge and Jeffrey Dame never shies away from testing the limits. Animalic notes are those musky, feral, fecal, vintage notes that you either love or hate. They’re raw and naughty while being somewhat warm, velvet in texture and oddly comforting. With the intention of pushing “filth” in this fragrance, civet is what raises the eyebrows. A bergamot opening holds it off the civet for a brief, and we mean brief, second, but then the rush of civet growls at you and knocks you over.

    For civet lovers, this is your holy grail. For those just getting into the animalic notes, particularly civet, here’s our suggestion, don’t judge a fragrance by one sniff. Smell it on a blotter, then on skin and continue to smell it over and over as it dries down. It’s nuanced enough to change as it ages (you’ll be intrigued by the tones of vintage aromatics, giving way to a modern barber shop vibe) and we’ve found that for those that don’t love it at first sight all of a sudden find themselves going back to it with curiosity, intrigue and dare we say…delight.


    Notes include bergamot, tarragon, rosemary, cumin, artemisia, cinnamon leaf, geranium, lavender, orange flower, violet, olibanum, tonka bean, vetiver, cedar wood, patchouli, civet, skatole and musk.



  • Jeffrey Dame | Dame Perfumery | OlfactifJD Jeffrey Dame is a spin-off of Dame Perfumery, a Scottsdale-based perfumery by Jeffrey Dame, a veteran of the fragrance industry. He collaborated on this fragrance with Hugh Spencer.