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Ivy League Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    In 1933, eight private research universities in Northeastern United States were coined the “Ivy League” for their athletic conference. These institutions soon became known as “the” colleges that were conferring the most prestigious degrees based on their high academic standards. Along with degrees of distinction, you’ll also find the grounds of these campuses to be historical and immaculate. Beautiful fieldstones, manicured gardens and vines of ivy climbing the historic architecture. Boston-based perfumer, Sandy Carr, lives near Harvard University and was able to capture the essence of ivy, the vine and the distinction, in her fragrance, Ivy League. A freshly green, grassy herbal concoction of rosemary, basil and mint tied together with a bright green mandarin and green pea pod accord. Can you feel the greenness here? Narcissus gives us a mossy feel while cassis (blackcurrant) peeks through just enough to add a smidge of fruity sweetness that is toned back by a tangy floral black pepper finish. Gurjum balsam holds down the base of the fragrance giving us a sense of peace with its aromatic yet resinous, dry wooded presence.


    Notes include ivy, green mandarin, black pepper, grass notes, basil, rosemary, mint, narcissus, green pea accord, cassis, and gurjum balsam.

  • Sandy Carr was born in Rochester, NY, into a family who enthusiastically encouraged exploration, discovery and creativity. From her earliest memories she can recall being inspired by the natural culture of her surroundings and attracted to the sensory arts – fascinated with visual imagery, sounds, textures, and unique and compelling smells and tastes. She followed her nose to the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, studied her craft, influenced by her love for the natural beauty of Boston and the New England area. Having spent many happy hours on the trails of the Blue Hill Reservation, which inspired her first creation, she lovingly named her company BLUEHILL Fragrances. Learn more about Bluehill Fragrances in our BLOG.