Iri_del Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Have you ever smelled skin in a fragrance? In naturals, that aroma mostly comes from orris butter, made by drying the root of the iris plant for 6 years before we can use it! With lab-created iris aldehyde, we get that same aroma in a few minutes! But Iri_del isn’t just skin. It’s an iris accord of iris aldehyde, iris concrete and alpha irone (the main molecule of the natural) that stretches over a woody-amber base with vegetal musk that gives iris its sex appeal. Sexy skin, yes, that is what this is!


    Are you an iris lover or new to iris? Have a read on Mark Behnke's blog, Colognoisseur, to get an intro into ionones and irones, the molecules that make these aromas, and learn how a simple change in the molecular structure can change a powdery iris note into a woody violet with a ting of raspberry. Cool, huh.


    Notes include iris aldehyde, wood, ambrette, bergamot, and amber.



  • Nomenclature, the New York house that celebrates the science of perfumery. Iri_del  was created by perfumer Patricia Choux of Takasago.