Sarah Baker

Gold Spot

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    You’re ready for your closeup. Now, what are you wearing? Gold Spot is a dramatic homage to the heydays of Hollywood, its name referring to lighting technician lingo for the perfect spotlight that makes that main character glow. Combining two opposite perfume categories – gourmand, and oud/amber – this is a deeply complex, Sunset Boulevard sensual, golden-luxe perfume with an animalic underbelly. As soon as you recognize bright bergamot and butterscotch, smoky cypriol and feral oud creep in. The chocolate is cocoa-earthy, but the myrrh note is sweet. The holy trinity of amber, musk, and vanilla is as voluptuous as any perfume, but this version of it isn’t afraid to show some Rated R skin. Plot twists and turns at every corner, this punchy extrait drapes you in leopard-print silk while you await offstage, to step into a golden glow, and deliver your biggest line in your most sultry voice.


    Notes include bergamot, petitgrain, cypriol, orange blossom, butterscotch, Laos oud, Suyufi agarwood, dark chocolate, sweet myrrh, musk, amber and vanilla.


  • Sarah Baker is a boutique luxury house created out of an East London art studio.  Learn more about Sarah Baker Perfumes in our BLOG.