Carner Barcelona


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    A fragrance within Carner’s Mediterranean Collection, Bo-Bo is inspired by an ancient folkloric dance and is just as it sounds- a lively and celebratory custom that still today in modern times transmits the festive Mediterranean spirit. Fresh, citrusy, and effervescent, Bo-Bo dances with notes of African orange flower, Italian bergamot and mandarin in its opening, giving you bright citrus bursts. The white florals of Indian jasmine and lily of the valley come in to add a sense of linen softness, with blackcurrant adding drops of delicate sweetness. With white amber and musk in the base, this floral citrus gets a hint of warmth but still sits perfectly as a summer stunner. 


    Notes include Italian bergamot, Italian mandarin, blackcurrant, African orange flower, Indian jasmine, lily of the valley, white amber, vetiver, and musk.  

  • Coming from a long line of Spanish leather artisans, Sara Carner has infused Carner Barcelona with the culture of Spanish workmanship collaborating with the best local designers and suppliers in the creation of the brand and its perfumes.