Battaniye Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Meaning blanket in Turkish, Battaniye is a representation of intimacy created by the perfumer for a friend that moved from the chaos of the city to the comfort of the countryside. Inspired by watching rain storming through Trabzon, he covered himself in a woolen blanket, watching the chaos erupt from his balcony. The rich but aerated patchouli and amber duet are the stars of this tactile fragrance, but its complexity can be seen with time and patience. Notes of wool and musk dance with texture as a honeysuckle sweetness tickles your nose. But there is spice there too, and leather, and soil, and soot. See where we are going here? Its complexity is intriguing and adventurous; perfectly tactile as it is aromatic. A gift of solace and comfort for all who embrace it.


    Notes include amber, honeysuckle, java vetiver, labdanum, musk, patchouli, soil, soot, and wool.

  • Pekji is an independent Turkish perfume brand, founded by the Istanbul perfumer Ömer İpekçi. Before officially launching Pekji had a growing underground existence for years, as the perfumes made for a small circle of perfume enthusiasts quickly garnered a dedicated following through word of mouth. Encouraged by an audience who looks for substance before marketing, Pekji now opens its doors to a wider world. Still as determined to create inspired perfumes that deserve to exist.