Clearance Sample Pack for Him

  • It's clearance time! We've pulled 6 fragrances for men that we are no longer carrying and put them in a sample pack for you to try!

  • Get your hands on them at 50% off!!! These packs are extremely limited!  **Please note, we no longer carry these fragrances in full size bottles, so stock up on samples if you love them!

    • Frescomaro by Profumi del Forte gives you briny sea salt air of the summer in a bottle. No Coopertone, daiquiris or coconuts. 
    • This is not a Blue Bottle 1.1 by Histoires de Parfums is molecular scents evoking elemental aspects of abstraction, fire, color, yin, yang, and love; together, create an irresistible gallery of blue. 
    • Sailors by  The Zoo   intends to represent both sensuality and friendship around the globe. A friendship that shall go beyond the political confrontations of the flags on their ships. Not to mention most find these friendly sea voyagers quite sexy.
    • Indigo Flame by Potentia  is an unapologetic green rush of galbanum that ignites a flame upon the first pull across your nose. This musky, heady start glides into a wave of pink pepper and patchouli.
    • Turbulent  by Nick Ricardo is relevant yet classic. A spiced metallic, modern saffron vein folds into a wooded base of resins as this contemporary compilation grounds itself in a powerful vintage heritage.
    • Eau Fraiche by Monsillage   is a walk through the fields of Grasse at dawn, only this field of your imagination isn't one of the carefully cultivated fields we see in photographs. Instead, it's wild as the wind with everything growing in unruly tangles of stems, petals, and branches.
    • Features 6 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • This sample pack is unisex but tilts masculine.