Atelier Vesper

Atelier Vesper Discovery Set

  • With one of the world’s best noses, Atelier Vesper created the highest quality, hand blended and distinguished fragrances with a strong cognitive signature. Offering a selection of distinctive scents, created in Grasse. Translating emotions, memories and experiences inspired by your life.

    • Aestas is soft floral, powdery, clean & cozy. Early morning in a wildflower meadow, dew-dappled blooms woken by sunrise, fresh laundry drying in the summer’s breeze.
    • Badawï is bold, spicy, seductive, warm & smoky. A summer evening on the island of Mykonos, Bedouin drums played around the campfire.
    • Edhen is opulent white floral, vibrant, voluptuous yet contemplative. Awed by the beauty of the vista, seduced by a heady breeze of jasmine and ylang ylang, waves of cypress are lapped by milky fig; contemplation of perfection leads to a life transformed.
    • Elea is fresh, woody, enveloping & dreamy. An adventurous trip to see the Northern Lights in Lofoten, Norway – a meeting with Nature.
    • Esencia is stylish & fresh with a soft, leathery dry down. An appreciation for the finer things in life: spiritual incense, supple leather caressing skin, intelligence.
    • This discovery set features 5 fragrance samples in 5 ml glass vials