2023 Best Sellers for Women Sample Pack

  • The numbers are in! These are the  Top 5 bestselling fragrances for Women in 2023!  Get your hands on this sample pack at 10% off the price of  á la carte samples and experience the best  of 2023! A complimentary mystery bonus 6th fragrance will be included too!

    • Guidance by Amouage is a spellbinding and novel interpretation of a triad of Rose, frankincense and ambergris, Guidance reads like a poem, smells like an embrace, and feels like a word of wisdom.
    • Au Lait by DSH Perfumes is one of those perfumes whose scent is entirely true to its name: sweet, soft, milky comfort. It's ideal for casual evenings, bedtime relaxation, a post-bath spritz, or the days when you want something with a gentler presence. 
    • Tonkazure by Gallagher Fragrances from the Pearlescent Collection is a dreamy blend of the exotic and the familiar. This exceptional perfume with a driftwood base uses little tones of sweetness – vanilla, whisky for warmth, and a cannabis accord to accentuate mystical incense notes.
    • Speakeasy by EastWest Bottlers is vintage yet modern. Velvety yet powerful. Subtle yet complex. The contradictions are exactly why we love it. As notes of gin mingle with tonic bubbles infused with spice, Speakeasy becomes your next obsession. 
    • Sakura by Ormonde Jayne opens with sparkling notes of lime and mandarin tempered with pink pepper and a green accord, delicate cherry blossom with soft almond aromas enhanced with powdery violets and creamy vanilla.
    • Features 5 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • **Bonus 6th fragrance will be included for free while supplies last! 
    • This sample pack tilts more feminine