Atelier Vesper


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    Opulent white floral, vibrant, voluptuous yet contemplative. From the deck of a boat on the Riviera, overlooking the Cap Eden Roc hotel, their founders were inspired to do something meaningful – thus, the Vesper Foundation was born. Awed by the beauty of the vista, seduced by a heady breeze of jasmine and ylang ylang, waves of cypress are lapped by milky fig; contemplation of perfection leads to a life transformed.


    Notes include sweet orange, clove, jasmine, basil, ylang ylang, cypress, lavender, fig, anise, carrot, styrax, patchouli, sandalwood, and amber.

  • Atelier Vesper is a high-end fragrance brand founded in the Netherlands, translating memories, emotions and experiences into scents. They believe that everyone deserves to identify his or her personality and character. That is why they want to positively disrupt the market, making high-end Eau de Parfum accessible for everyone.