Atelier Vesper


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    Dark and light, sweet and smoke, earth and air, look out over the day’s sun-scorched grass as the sun sets into golden orange and hues of purples. Citrus glimmers snake in and out, slithering between wafts of deep resins, smoky shades of green, heart-centering incense, and a gently layered array of radiating spices. A warmly musky, powdery floral iris drifts on a distant breeze, delightfully dusting all the woody facets with a glow of earthy petals. Commanding, yet fluid, and a worthy attempt at capturing all the complexities of your very emotions. A fragrance better smelled than spoken.


    Notes include cardamom, italian bergamot, cumin, nutmeg, pink pepper, frankincense, labdanum, hay, iris absolut, vetiver, sandalwood, ambroxan, soft leather, and cedar.

  • Atelier Vesper is a high-end fragrance brand founded in the Netherlands, translating memories, emotions and experiences into scents. They believe that everyone deserves to identify his or her personality and character. That is why they want to positively disrupt the market, making high-end Eau de Parfum accessible for everyone.