January 2016 for Men: Into the Woods

January 01, 2016

For thousands and thousands of years, the wood of trees was necessary for human survival. We used it to build the fires that warmed us, fed us, and kept predators at bay. We used it to build the shelters that protected us from the elements. Our appreciation for the life-sustaining nature of wood—and for its scent—is practically etched into our DNA.

This collection is all about the woods. We begin in sun-dappled woods, then take a step into a cooler, drier corner of the forest, and finally submerge our senses into the opulent darkness of oud.

Cedrat Boise by Mancera is sun slanting through the woods in the afternoon, casting a golden glow on the wild flowers and fruits that grow under a cool canopy of leaves.

Dry Wood by Ramon Monegal. We couldn't resist bringing you another Ramon Monegal scent, and we chose this one not only because it's so full of woods but also because it's unabashedly masculine in a retro way.

Oud Shamash
by The Different Company
is oud—real, Laotian oud—done right. The nose behind Oud Shamash is well known for flawlessly blending unusual notes, and his skill is on display here.

We hope you love this collection as much as we loved putting it together. Happy New Year! 

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