May 2016: Chromatherapy

May 02, 2016 1 Comment

As if you needed any more convincing that the sense of smell is a wondrous thing, here’s proof: Three perfumes that spritz invisible molecules into the air and quickly explode into flashes of color in your mind.

First we delight in nature’s shades of green and the color of wet spring earth. Then we see—and nearly taste—crisp, golden-white wine in a cold glass. Finally, we experience a brilliant yellow, as though sunshine could be made opaque. And it all comes from this glorious alchemy that is perfume.

Don’t believe us? Smell them. You’ll see.

Spring by Dasein hints at its theme with its rich, mossy green color. It gives us the beginnings of the season when green buds push through black-brown earth and begin to perfume the air with their scent of life. Read more...

Notes of Sauvignon Blanc by Kelly & Jones is the result of a fragrance faux pas: Once upon a time, Kelly Jones wore perfume to a wine tasting. When the winemaker called her out for interfering with the way tasters perceive the wine, Kelly had an idea: bring together this forbidden combination with a line of perfumes inspired by wine varietals. Note of Sauvignon Blanc is a spring-summer staple. Read more...

Hansa Yellow by DSH Perfumesis what perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz smells when she sees a particular shade of yellow. Hansa Yellow is the name for a family of organic compounds used in making pigments, and it's also the name of this wonderfully sunny, honeyed, fruity-floral gourmand first developed for a tour of the “Matisse and Friends” exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. Read more...

We hope you adore this month's collection as much as we do. Sign up by May 15 to get yours!

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July 07, 2016

I loved the Spring wet earth smell! Very unique. It became less complicated and more soft and woody over the course of the day. I want to add it to my collection! Notes was long lasting while being a light, watery, citrus… great for truly hot weather or vacation travel. I could not understand Hansa Yellow— on me it smelled sugary sweet but in a sharp artificial way.

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