June 2016 for Men: The Plot Thickens

June 01, 2016

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We love a perfume that pulls together a multitude of notes as characters in a novel. But we also love a scent that focuses on a single note and showcases its magnificence.

This collection features both, plus one in between, and their complexity increases as you move left to right. Our first selection focuses on a single note that typically plays a supporting role. Our second selection marries two warm notes to create summery harmony. Our third selection is a walk through the misty woods of the Pacific Northwest where a surprising scent springs from the ground—and just works.

This month, enjoy your exploration of simplicity, complexity, and all things in between.

Patchouli by Molinard.
 Patchouli is a plant that grows mainly in India, and its leaves produce a dark, earthy, resinous, and slightly sweet oil that is found in countless perfumes. Here, storied French perfume house Molinard constructs a scent around the note to let its different facets shine. Read more...

Eau Contraire by Thirdman
. In India, walk among the stalls of a bustling street market where merchants tempt passersby with freshly squeezed lemons and sweet blood oranges. Pause by the baskets heaped with mounds of ground spices and breathe in the rich, warm cardamom. Read more...

Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors.
An Olfactif bestseller! Cape Heartache is a deep, woodsy Pacific Northwest scent that captures the melancholy of lost love. A surprising interlude of strawberry hides among the cedar trees, and perfumer Josh Meyer proves his skill at creating beauty out of unlikely combinations. Read more...

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