4160 Tuesdays

What I Did On My Holidays

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    What I Did On My Holidays is the story of a summer day at the seaside. Suntan lotion and rock pools, in and out of the sea all day until the wind gets too strong, the waves are too high, and you put on your shorts and T-shirt over your slightly damp cooling skin, and head for the café. Lavender and coconut lotion, seaweed and fresh sea air, a waft of peppermint and cotton candy. What I Did On My Holidays is a lovely, evocative scent tinged with nostalgia. Notes include mint, coconut suntan lotion, sea air, lavender, candy floss, vanilla. 
  • We've met a lot of people in the perfume world, and Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays is one of our very favorites. Want to know why? Sarah, in her own words:

    "As a little girl, I did not make perfumes from rose petals. That was for softies. I made magic spells and wanted to be a witch when I grew up. When I was 16 I bought a bottle of Diorella. I studied maths and sciences, practised music and French, wrote books on brands and their evil twin—counterfeiting—and online marketing, and learned to dance Argentinean tango.

    For 14 years I was the head writer for Lush while the company grew from four shops—one in Poole and three in London—to 700 worldwide. I was writing 50,000 words every three months for the Lush Times, aiming to encapsulate the products' scents in their descriptions. During that time, I bought and read 200 books on essential oils and herbalism and learned the essential oils the founders gave me to educate myself.

    At the end of the 14 years, I took some time off to write a novel featuring a problem-solving perfumer. In it, I described the scents that she made and I wanted to have them available for people to smell. So I set off on a quest to see if I could buy them. This turned out to be impossible - and pretty expensive - because no one was making exactly what I wanted, so I started another quest to see of I could make them instead. Of course that turned out to be even more difficult, but once I'd started, I just kept going. 4160 Tuesdays perfumes is the result."

  • What I Did On My Holidays was inspired by a day at a seaside English town—perhaps Scarborough, Brighton, or St. Anne's or anywhere there's an amusement arcade, mint rock shop, and candy floss stand.