Tian Di Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Created with Olivier Gillotin in 2017, Tian Di “heaven and earth” is inspired by a mystical communion to the deities, only performed every 3000 years on Mount Kunlun when the peaches ripen on the Xiwangmu peach tree, a tree so large that it connects heaven and earth. The sacredness of this ritual can be discovered in its earthy incense and subtle yet smoky base. Hints of fleshy peach, star anise and green mint leaves dance among the orris woody drydown into a composition fit for the Gods.


    Notes include ginger, galbanum, star anise, olibanum, peach elixir, red chrysanthemum, orris, sandalwood, Chinese incense, and tonkin musk. 


  • Frassaï, a Buenos Aires and NYC fragrance house that evokes all of the senses through fragrance, jewelry & flacons. Tian Di was created in 2017 with Olivier Gillotin.  Learn more about  Frassaï in our  BLOG.