Olfactory NYC


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      A magical merger of precious flowers, a floral fantasy awaits. Perfumer Honorine Blanc creates this magic as she infuses a soft and lightly-petaled jasmine from Grasse, France with a heavier Indian jasmine for depth, and then swirls them together with the intoxicating headiness of tuberose to form this floral escape. Your nose will be enchanted as a soft blanket of florals sits oh-so slightly on top of the skin upon first sniff. But then, as times wears on, the penetration of the florals rises to the top, consuming your skin in its transformation.


      Notes include French jasmine, Indian jasmine, and tuberose.


    • Olfactory NYC, based in the Nolita section of New York City, known for its fresh approach to modern fragrances. Taylor is created in partnership with  perfumer, Honorine Blanc