Carner Barcelona

Sweet William

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    During times of gallantry lovelorn bachelors sat to have their portrait painted with a red carnation, a Sweet William, symbolizing their search for true love. Exotic spicy notes of cardamom and white pepper mix together like poetry with rose water, ylang ylang and iris notes, composing a long-lasting richness and essence of nobility. A scent that will charm and infatuate the soul. 


    Notes include white pepper, cardamom, laotian cinnamon bark, galangal, dianthus superbus scentrek, ylang ylang from Commores Islands, rose water extract, ambrarome, styrax, florentine iris, vanilla absolute, night blooming tobacco flower.  

  • Coming from a long line of Spanish leather artisans, Sara Carner has infused Carner Barcelona with the culture of Spanish workmanship collaborating with the best local designers and suppliers in the creation of the brand and its perfumes.