Libertine Fragrance

Sweet Grass sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Golden rays of sun shine down on a bed of gilded hay as fall approaches. A classic, vintage vibe reimagined with a modern apothecary feel; it’s sweet yet dry, grassy but herbal. Take a sprig of rosemary and roll it in between your fingers, back and forth. Now breathe in the oils on your fingertips. Perfumer, Joshua Smith, puts that exact moment of fragrant freshness in this fragrance, giving it a crisp, savory edge. You’ll love the pipe tobacco, ambrette and tonka finish, tilting this fougerè to a subtly sweet finish.         


    Notes include tobacco absolute, mimosa flower, oakmoss, rosemary, hay absolute, and tonka bean.



  • Josh Smith | Libertine Fragrance
    Libertine Fragrance, a Canadian house by Josh Smith that creates perfume without pretense. Learn more about Libertine Fragrance in our BLOG.