Rosendo Mateu

No. 5

  • Try a sample first! 

    Sniff this once. Then wait a few minutes and sniff again. This is where the magic is. The exotic florals of lily and carnation bring a level of sensuality to it, just enough to make your eyebrows raise up. A spiced background from carnation dances delicately with the purity of amber as it gently lays on the skin like a cozy velvet blanket. Do you pick up on the rubber note? Peculiar but oddly pleasant, it adds to the mysteriousness of this dreamy amber-forward, musky-sensual, cool weather fragrance.


    Notes include exotic florals, saffron, carnation, lily of the valley, amber, musk, and vanilla.

  • Author of more than 80 fragrances created for prestigious Houses since 1968, Rosendo Mateu, of Catalan origin, decided to found his own house in 2010. Alongside his son Joan, he created his first collection of 5 fragrances: a collection in which each creation is based on three main ingredients that are sublimated. In 2019, he launches his Black Collection, a nod to the Orient, featuring bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood; these magnified by elegant opaque black lacquered bottles.