Rosa Sacra Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    In the midst of South America’s fecund jungles, a delicate flower blooms. Pure and crystalline, Rosa Sacra exudes the magical scent of a radiant flower immersed in the rich biodiversity of the Argentine Yungas. Through a soft veil of green palo santo, a sun camouflaged Yaguareté observes. Drops of sacred aguaribay, the Incan tree of life, softly caress the senses, offering both ancestral protection and intuitive wisdom.


    Notes include aguaribay (schinus molle), black currant, rose grasse, rose turkey, palo santo, white algarrobo. 

  • Frassaï, a Buenos Aires and NYC fragrance house that evokes all of the senses through fragrance, jewelry & flacons. Blondine was created in 2017 with Yann Vasnier.