Rosa Sacra

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      Rosa Sacra is inspired by the lush jungles of South America and finds its home in the El Sur Collection of Frassaï, a trio of fragrances that celebrate the purity of simple, elegant Argentine ingredients. Head deep in the jungle to find a delicate flower of pure and crystalline blossoms that exudes a magical radiance. It’s immersed in the rich biodiversity of the Argentinian Yungas, a narrow band of forest along the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains, its purity only found by the lucky few who encounter it. Through a soft veil of green palo santo, the aroma of a thousand roses graces your nose as a sun camouflaged Yaguareté (jaguar) observes your quiet footsteps. Drops of sacred aguaribay, the Incan tree of life, softly caress the senses, offering both ancestral protection ⁠and intuitive wisdom. ⁠ You find yourself wanting to linger here, in the beauty of your surroundings for there is sacred peace found deep within the lair of the jungle, where sacred roses can be adored by the lucky few who find them.

      Notes include aguaribay (schinus molle), blackcurrant, rose de mai, turkish rose, palo santo (bulnesia sarmientoi), white algarrobo (prosopis alba), pink peppercorn, rose de mai, rose turkey, rose geranium, spearmint, lychee, chamomile, bergamot, mandarin, raspberry jungle essence, cedarwood, jasmine grandiflorum, vetiver haiti, orange flower, oakmoss, benzoin, ambrette, and patchouli.

    • Frassaï, a Buenos Aires and NYC fragrance house that evokes all of the senses through fragrance, jewelry & flacons. Rosa Sacra  was created in 2020 with Irina Burlakova.  Learn more about  Frassaï in our  BLOG.