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    Richly opulent with caramelized spices, on first sniff you cannot help but get a sense of aged cognac. But wait, there’s some damp earth in here too. Wet soil comes and goes as you are enamored with this twist of fate. Who is behind this magic? Say hello to the many facets of patchouli. Earthy, humid, and syrupy with hints of cocoa, Psychedelique moves the needle from damp and dirty to sultry and warm. A powerful head-turner warmed with amber, vanilla and a touch of musk; wear this with confidence.


    Notes include citrus, rose, geranium, amber, patchouli, cistus labdanum, vanilla, and musk.

  • In black and white, sometimes gold, often red, JOVOY draws its graphic and aesthetic codes from the spirit of the times. The perfume house, based on rue de Castiglione in Paris, never loses sight of its founding principles: rarity, discoveries, wonder, nuances, joy, bias, loyalty, elegance, sensitivity, and an inexhaustible curiosity that its founder François Hénin and his long-time partners deploy in a contagious manner towards a market in perpetual evolution.