Pictor Parfum

Pictor Parfum Discovery Set

  • Discover Pictor Parfum! This set come with 8 of your favorite scents in 2ml bottles. Pictor Parfum takes its inspiration from imagery and photography. They develop scents which leave a lasting impression. Creative, unique, and a new vision in scent. 

    • Perspective is one of great depth, a multidimensional image. Warm and aromatic notes of incense enter the foreground of your senses. In the midst of the scent rise myrrh, juniper berry and birch. A base of vetiver, cashmere wood and benzoin linger to the end.
    • Airbrush begins with a smattering of unblemished cranberry, mandarin and lychee, surrounded by softened notes of rose, cyclamen and the glamour of waxy lipstick nuances. With the final touch of creamy vanilla, dry amber and soft musk this scent is flawless.
    • Dark Room is deep and sensual rich leather with violet. In the red mist of the heart there are hints of raspberry and cedar. As the scent dries down, you’re left with a perfect polished image of amber, vanilla and musk.
    • Flash is a bolt of lightning, bright notes of tangy raspberry, pink peppercorn and spicy ginger open this fragrance. A burst of creamy rose and bold ylang-ylang are at the heart. Notes of powdery musk, warm vanilla and tonka bean close this scent.
    • Time Lapse brings a flash, frame two, and intoxicating white flowers and cedar. The final coda of orris and musk leaves a story that plays over and over in your mind.
    • Silhouette brings sweet notes of mandarin and lychee, balanced by a heart of powdery rose and ripe plum. With suede and spices in its heart, the outline of this scent is shaped by a spicy base of clove and pink pepper.
    • Shadow opens with dried tobacco and olibanum. A shape-shifting movement gestures to warm leather and suede, clinging to your every move. Curling behind is a rich base of amber, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and musk.
    • Aperture flood sweet notes of mandarin, bergamot and blackcurrant. Passing through like an optical illusion, the transition to jasmine,
      gardenia and warm plum, refracting into the final scene of patchouli, vanilla and musk.