Pac Northwest Sample Pack

  • Head the the Pacific Northwest and you'll find 3 niche fragrance houses that capture the true essence of what it means to be niche...artisan, unrestrained, and wildly creative. In the land of gorgeous mountains, fabulous wineries and stunning landscapes, these houses are surrounded by beauty. In the Pac Northwest Sample Pack, you'll experience 3 best-sellers from these houses. Enjoy this sample pack at 10% off the price of á la carte samples. 

    • Anemone by Blackbird (Washington) opens with the sweetest juice of overripe plums and grapes bleeding over the divine nectar of sacred pink lotus flowers. When precipitation falls on this scent, the fruits ferment into champagne while salty, oceanic ambergris cures the lotus into a bright pink floral. 
    • Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors (Washington) blesses our noses with dark green mint leaves lightly dusted with sugar and drenched in bourbon and crushed ice. Josh Meyer always surprises us, and here it's with a scent that is lighter, lovelier, and way more fun than we had even imagined.
    • Woodcut by Olympic Orchids  (Washington) conjures up dark images of ancient trees inhabited by spirits from a time when the earth was new, the flowing sap of felled trees, and the burnt sugar of the trees’ blood when it is heated by the saws of lumbermen and builders.
    • Features 3 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • This sample pack is unisex tilting slightly masculine