Orchid Noir

  • While honeymooning in St. Lucia, my husband and I stayed in an open air resort. Our room was carved out of the side of a mountain with no walls between us and the open air. It was an overload on the senses at first but then we began to understand its true amazement. At night, the Caribbean Sea went black with only the glimpses of lights off the boats below. The aromas in the air were sexy and seductive. Spices intertwined with the flowers, waters and mountain air. In this moment, the earth became a part of us and we became a part of it. This fragrance begins with notes of cinnamon and fig as it unwinds into black currant, carnation, vetiver and patchouli. Notes of dark cocoa linger in the scent trail. .  
  • Danielle Fleming is the founder, creative mind, and nose behind Noteology. For more than 10 years, she has been studying the relationship between mind and scent and crafting scented products. She learned her craft by studying the method of olfactive training and creation of Jean Carles, a French perfumer and founder of the Roure Perfumery School, now owned by Givaudan. She also studied Herbal Techniques at il Laboratorio dell’ Erborista, in Pitigliano, Italy and has completed certification in The Technique and Language of Perfumery from Cinquieme Sens, perfumery training school for fragrance professionals in New York City. Danielle previously worked at Firmenich, the world's largest privately held fragrance house, as a senior consumer insights analyst.