Olympic Orchids

Night Flyer

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    Bats are the flying mammals of the night. They soar through the air, gliding their way through the starlit sky. Both the bat and this fragrance are elusive and mysterious, as perfumer Dr. Ellen Covey walks you into the bat cave where the cold breath of the dark chambers meets the scent of deep-reaching tree roots, moist earth, and dripping limestone walls. And who better to take you there than Covey, she studied bats and their habitat for over a decade. Zoning in on the minerality combined with the damp, wet earth and overly ripe fruits, this fragrance steers away from animalic and puts you right in the zone of hyperrealism in the dark, cavernous habitat of the enigmatic night flyer.

    Fun tidbit: Do you remember the original fragrance called Bat by Zoologist that is now discontinued? Well, drum roll please…this is it! A sensorial experience of being in the bat cave at night that is both hyperreal and extremely wearable.

    Notes include sandalwood, olibanum wood, vetiver, furry musk accord, wet earth, damp air, mineral notes, resins, leather, figs, banana, and soft tropical fruits.

  • Ellen Covey is a scientist who became fascinated enough with orchids to start her own orchid nursery in the Pacific Northwest—and then became fascinated enough with the scent of orchids to launch her own perfume line. Since starting Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes, Covey has won accolades for her orchid-inspired perfumes and branched out to create numerous other scents, many inspired by the places that her global travels have taken her. Read an  interview with Ellen or learn more at  www.olympicorchidsperfume.com
  • Woodcut is partly an ode to nature and partly a warning call to humans about the perils of deforestation.