Memoize London

Memoize London Dark Range Discovery Set

  • An opportunity to discover the full collection from the Memoize Perfume Dark Range EDP. Their collection takes you on a journey through your memories and emotions, evoked from Memoize's memorable scents.

    • Tristitia is the essence of calm, relaxation and pure leisure. A wonderful amber blend with rich red rose and white jasmine top notes beautifully balanced with creamy vanilla heart wrapped in warm base notes of oud, patchouli, civet and amber.
    • Avaritia is the essence of insatiability, opulence and unquenchable desire. Moreish woods with unsparing jasmine, will leave you craving for more. A rich blend of amber and patchouli, with sweet musk, interlaced with vanilla and spices, and a top note of citrus & herbs.
    • Era is the essence of passion, provocation and power. Lose control of your emotions with this powerful fragrance; reigniting the fire within you, evoking deep seated memories within. A sophisticated and rich amber fragrance that reveals a saffron top note that mingles with a beautiful iris, ylang ylang and jasmine heart.
    • Luxuria is the essence of lust, seduction and intoxication. Memories of the first moment of interaction, where desire and passion consumes you. Your skin will tingle with luscious blackcurrant, tuberose and the warmth of musk will captivate you.
    • Superbia is the essence of self confidence, self love and self worth. A luxurious fragrance opening with floral top notes of rose, ylang-ylang and orchid infused by fine woods resting on a bed of rich oud wood, leather, amber, musk and patchouli notes.
    • Gula is the essence of pleasure-seeking and self indulgence. A fragrance of sumptuous vanilla, absorbing orange, rich clove and delicate lavender... Gula is an immeasurable mix of thought provoking scents providing unrestrained gratification for your appetites, desires, or whims.
    • Invidia is the essence of insatiable desire to want, to have, to be who you want to be. Sensual and desirable fragrance of white tuberose, orchid and ylang ylang, with undertones of oak, tobacco, vetiver and leather, entwined with delicate notes of vanilla, caramel and musk.
    • Black Avaritia is the essence of indulging all of your wants and needs in abundance. A woody amber fragrance leading with top notes of grapefruit and honey. A luxurious heart of ambrette, cistus, incense fusion, kashmir fusion, oud and violet, rests on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, musk, vanilla and vetiver.
    • This discovery set features 8 fragrance samples in 2 ml glass vials