Memoir Woman Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    With Memoir Woman, Amouage is plumbing the depths of some heart-achingly beautiful materials, and the result is—as always—as elegant and luxurious an experience as perfume can ever promise. Memoir Woman is unmistakably Amouage, featuring a dark symphony of notes like absinthe, cardamom, wormwood, incense, and leather, and blending them into a perfect extension of Christopher Chong's imagination. Take your time with this one; if you can give it your full attention and be present for the twists and turns as Memoir Woman unfolds, you'll be rewarded. Notes include mandarin, cardamom, absinthe, pink pepper, wormwood, clove, white flowers, rose, jasmine, styrax, frankincense, oakmoss, leather, labdanum, and musk. 
  • In 1983, the Sultan of Oman established Amouage in the hopes of reviving the Omani tradition of perfumery. The perfumes often feature traditional Middle Eastern perfume materials. In 2006, Amouage brought on creative director Christopher Chong, who oversaw a complete reinvention of the house and helped to expand the house's international appeal. 
  • Memoir Woman was inspired by the idea of a "fragmented memoir" of a woman's past, present, and future.