Ulrich Lang New York

Lightscape sample

  • This is a sample. Find the full bottle here. Lightscape explores the interplay  between the bold freshness of galbanum and Sicilian lemon against the delicate refinement of violet. At first spray, it's a bright blast of fresh, sunny citrus and crisp, bitter greens, softening when the violet-iris heart emerges. Until this point, Lightscape feels as weightless as the clouds in photographer Elspeth Diederix's box image, but the base notes march forth with serious intention—and linger on the skin all day long. Still, Lightscape is an ethereal scent that whispers—never shouts— its intrigue. Notes include galbanum, Sicilian lemon, violet leaves, iris, rose, violet flower, cyclamen, cedarwood, ambergris, tonka bean, cashmere wood, musk, and ambrette seed.
  • Ulrich Lang is a former L'Oreal executive who began creating his own perfume line in 2002. Lang is a longtime lover and collector of contemporary photography, and his scents are often conceptually inspired by the art of photography. His eponymous line features five scents, and Lang is also co-founder of Elements Showcase, a marketplace for established and emerging artists in the world of beauty and fragrances design. Learn more at  Ulrich Lang New York.
  • "I really wanted to create freshness that did not stem from citrus notes, so we looked at violet leaves that are very green and almost smell like cucumber. I loved the combination with galbanum and iris, and the result turned out to be very balanced, luminous, and bright with staying power. I turned to Dutch photographer Elspeth Diederix, whose universe is fascinating and surreal, and she created an image of a sky to which she added artificial light flashes. I love the image, and it perfectly complements this luminous scent."  —Ulrich Lang