Memoize London

Isla Rose

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      When a perfumer sits at the bench to formulate a new fragrance, there is always a muse, an inspiration, or a spark of interest that turns passion into perfume. Isla Rose was made to celebrate eternal love and take you back to those times when it first began. Those moments when your heart fluttered, your skin tingled and your mind whirled with wonder and excitement. Olfactively, it takes it namesake flower in full bloom and swirls it with luscious red berries atop a veil of jasmine and magnolia petals. Cardamom in the middle provides a seamless transition to a comforting base of amber, musk, vanilla and leather wrapped around a rich oud wood. A beautiful sonnet of love in a bottle.


      Notes include red rose, red berries, jasmine, magnolia, cardamom, raspberry, oud wood, sandalwood, amber, leather, musk, and vanilla.


    • Memoize London, a luxe British house by Holly Hutchinson that evokes scent memories from the past and evokes future memories to be made. Find out more about Memoize London in our   BLOG.