Hostile Takeover Sample Pack

  • Fairytale? Or intense action / mystery novel? Josh Meyer is the creator and perfumer of Imaginary Authors out of Portland, Oregon and we've put together our favorites for what we call, a Hostile Takeover. Dive into this Imaginary Authors Sample Pack, each perfume in his line of gorgeous, quirky scents has an imaginary author to match. Now you can try them together at a discount with  10% off the price of á la carte samples.   

    • Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors is a creamy, gently sweet fig perfume inspired by California's dusty San Joaquin Valley and the imagined love triangle set there.
    • A City on Fire  by Imaginary Authors,where 2 matchmakers witness a murder and then come together to save themselves. Spritz on after dark or when you are looking for trouble.
    • The Cobra & the Canary by Imaginary Authors, w hen a tip from a clairvoyant leads 23-year old Neal Orris to a rural Connecticut barn housing his deceased father’s secret obsession, a pristine 1964 Shelby Cobra Roadster, it is the getaway ticket he was desperately searching for.
    • Memoirs of a Trespasser  by Imaginary Authors, "Who needs love when you have cognac?" So says Philip Sava, the fictional author of the fictional book that inspired this very real perfume.
    • Slow Explosions  by Imaginary Authors, "In 1980, Gwen K. Vroomen quit a monotonous job, went to the corner bar, and – on the bartender’s urging – threw a dart at a world map tacked on the wall. She had never heard of Goa but knew immediately she needed to go..."


    • Features 5 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • This sample pack is fairly unisex, tilting masculine.