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    The hamsa, a stylized hand-shaped symbol with obscure origins in the Middle East, serves as a sign of protection for the beholder. Perfumer Ellen Covey channeled this manifestation into a dry, resinous, spiritual fusion of aromatic warmth for  Project Talisman by CaFleureBonThe ancient holy wood of palo santo intertwined with resins of myrrh and mastic, grounds this fragrance with a fruity-citrus opening of apricot and citron. Olibanum smokiness flows ever so delicately into its trail. 

    But how did all of the notes come together? Here’s how. The first overarching idea, is symbolized as an invisible veil of olibanum smoke and the tenth, the unification and channel for worldly manifestation, as a solid block of sandalwood. The four pairs of contrasting properties are symbolized by contrasting pairs of materials. The first is palo santo and cognac, an ethereal woody incense paired with ceremonial wine to symbolize the celebration of spiritual ideas; the second is mastic paired with liquidambar, bitter incense and honey-sweetness to symbolize strength and justice tempered with love and kindness; the third is myrrh paired with citron, earthy incense and an aromatic fruit of the earth to celebrate inspiration and the resulting human creations of beauty and utility; the fourth pair is oud and apricot, a resinous material produced by agarwood trees to protect them, paired with a fleshy, sweet fruit to stand for resistance to physical and emotional attack and the fruits of physical and intellectual bonding. The end result is a combination of the hard and the soft, the bitter and the sweet, tangible and the intangible. Find your inner power, and protection, in Hamsa.

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    Notes include olibanum, sandalwood, palo santo, cognac, mastic gum, liquidambar, myrrh, citron, oud and apricot. 

  • Olympic Orchids Perfumes is the natural outgrowth of Olympic Orchids, Inc, which was originally established by Dr. Ellen Covey in 2006 as an orchid plant nursery. The perfume business was established in 2010 and since then has become internationally known and the winner of multiple awards including the prestigious Institute for Art and Olfaction award. All fragrances are designed, formulated, hand-manufactured, bottled, and packaged in-house. Learn more about Olympic Orchids in our BLOG.