Hallow V.2

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    Hallow, perfumer Nicole Miller's first perfume (never intended for sale), has been relaunched in a limited edition for the 15th anniversary of Blackbird. Hallow V.2 is an updated version of its original, circa 2012, modernized with brightness, and improved projection and longevity. It’s slightly more complex but stays true to the original formula that we loved. Warm benzoin, rich oud, and frankincense resin create a trinity of sultry warmth, and the unexpected note of almondy marzipan gives it a sweet buttery softness that has us yearning for more. Bravo Nicole, to 15 years and more!


    Notes include amber, oud, incense, frankincense, benzoin, marzipan, rose, and mint.


  • Blackbird is a dimension all its own, a playfully imperfect experiment in design and scent, where all humans are invited. Established in 2004, Blackbird evolved over time into a fragrance design house specializing in perfumes and incense. The brand is known worldwide for its forward-thinking installations and products. Blackbird's founder and Creative Director, Nicole Miller, is the guiding spirit behind the brand. Nicole approaches design from a place of boundless curiosity and fearless ingenuity, gently bending the rules to reveal what has not yet been seen.