Ghost Pine

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    Bright, crisp, and effervescent, with a touch of spice, Ghost Pine captures your nose in the most exceptional way. Sitting in the chypre family, this deep, wet, wooded fragrance takes you into the wet forest just before dusk, when the cold air sinks down into the green-hued floor of crushed pine and fallen moss-covered wood branches. The best-selling fragrance of the LVNEA collection, this coniferous, fresh, woody, and balsamic natural fragrance chills you in all of the right ways. Made from plant extracts, floral hydrosols, and essential oils. 


    Notes include pine needles, crushed foliage, damp moss patches, and ancient woods.

  • Lvnea , pronounced: [lou - nay - uh], a Canadian house by April Lea,  explores the spaces between the natural world and that of the ethereal. With a focus on pure plant essences and unexpected aromatic combinations, raw materials from rare natural extractions are sourced from around the world to evoke distant memories and awaken unwritten desires. Each scent begins as a distinct story, transforming the conceptual into high olfactory art. Traditional French parfumerie techniques are juxtaposed with luxuriantly minimal design, creating scents that are at once reminiscent of another world, yet deeply familiar.