Field Notes from Paris

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    Field Notes from Paris is where vintage meets modern perfumery. A woody oriental that opens with fresh top notes of citrus and spicy coriander, a floral and tobacco heart, and a rich, warm, woody dry down.  Although it incorporates many of the vintage ingredients that Ineke studied in perfumery school in France, Field Notes is a totally fresh and modern take on something classic.


    It's a light, lively leather scent that shows many facets: gourmand but never too sweet; sophisticated but casual; beloved by male and female fans alike. Seekers of "signature" scents take note. This a distinctive, striking scent that leaves a captivating trail in its wake. It's also one of those rare occasions where the bottle alone—printed with  hand-drawn maps of Parisian streets is worth possession. The box design cleverly features Ineke's actual journal notes from her days of perfumery school.


    Notes include coriander seed, orange flower, bergamot, tobacco flower and leaf, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean, leather, beeswax, vanilla. 


  • Ineke Rühland is a professional nose who creates original fragrances in her independent studio in San Francisco. Born and educated in Canada, she moved to Europe in 1988 to embark on a career in the fragrance industry. While living in France, Ineke completed her formal perfumery studies at ISIPCA, the only university-level perfumery school in the world.


    She honed her traditional perfumery techniques with sojourns to Grasse, the city that spawned perfumery in France. Ineke apprenticed at an esteemed fragrance house in Paris for three years before moving to San Francisco and eventually launching her alphabetical line in the summer of 2006. An enthusiastic gardener, Ineke derives inspiration from her collection of rare scented botanicals. Her passion for literature, design and the arts are reflected in every bottle. Through original photos, artwork and snippets of verse, Ineke crafts an intimate backstory for each scent. 


    Read an interview with Ineke  and discover her world of all things fragrant. 
  • Field Notes from Paris is inspired by Ineke's halcyon days studying perfumery in Paris and Versailles. It captures the romantic, nostalgic feeling of sitting at a café and writing in a journal while lingering for hours over a cafe crème.