Christèle Jacquemin

Echoes of Silence

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    Inspired by photographs taken in Art Nouveau style buildings in the Murcia region of Spain where perfumer Jacquemin lived for seventeen years, Echoes of Silence is a scent about the past and present. Taking refuge in the former, letting the latter bloom. Made up of over 90% natural ingredients, this grounded, yet vividly citrusy composition reminds us to stop and breathe. There are blossoming things all around us. Tart and vibrant lemon, invigorating minty greens, earthy yet radiant turmeric spice, all are lain on a bed of warmly wooden calm, a duality of glow and ground so lively, yes, it could easily bring the past from its slumber. This fragrance invites you to break the silence and bring a new spring to the present time.


    Notes include lemon, lemon tree leaves, spearmint, turmeric, mastic, rose, artichoke, rhododendron, litsea cubeba, cinnamon leaves, tonka bean, rosewood leaves and holy stick fruit.

  • Christèle Jacquemin, a photographer, perfumer, and traveler, embraces life through an artistic practice. Translating images that bamboozle and scents that instantly project into a possible faraway. Learn more about Christèle Jacquemin in our BLOG.