Imaginary Authors

Cape Heartache sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    We can't tell you about the scent without telling you the idea behind it. Here goes: Josh Meyer makes a perfume inspired by the rugged country in the Pacific Northwest. Then he invents a backstory around it, imagining that he has created a perfume based on a book by a famous author—when, in reality, Meyer himself is the creator of the whole thing. And now you understand the concept behind Portland-based Imaginary Authors, a deliciously inventive house that is a creative mashup of olfactory, literary, and graphical arts. Cape Heartache, the anticipated new release from Imaginary Authors, covers new territory for the line in the form of a deep, woodsy Pacific Northwest scent that captures the melancholy of lost love. A surprising interlude of strawberry hides among the cedar trees like memories that become sweeter only when you know they are lost forever. "If you are looking for the pieces of a broken heart," our imaginary author Philip Sava says, "you might try rifling through the twigs and needles on the forest floor." Notes include douglas fir, pine resin, western hemlock, vanilla leaf, strawberry, old growth, and mountain fog. Learn more in the  Cape Heartache How to Smell guide .
  • Josh Meyer is the creator and perfumer of Imaginary Authors out of Portland, Oregon. Each perfume in his debut line of seven gorgeous, quirky scents has an imaginary author to match. Read a  Q&A with Josh  or learn more at
  • "The inspiration for Cape Heartache is the Pacific Northwest landscape and the scent of smoldering fog in the forest, filled in with the sweet richness of the incredible strawberries that grow here." —Josh Meyer, Imaginary Authors