Audrey sample pack

  • Inspired by the life and career of our favorite plucky, wide-eyed, regal, knows-more-than-you-think actress, Audrey Hepburn. We've put them together and taken 10% off the à la carte sample price.

    • Charade by Sarah Baker is inspired by the glamour of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Impeccable taste with a few surprises (beeswax), this fragrance is a head-turner! You'll love its classic yet complex vibe.
    • Intense Café by Montale is a warm blend of spice, wood, and vanilla that reminds us of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Of course, they don't actually serve breakfast at Tiffany's, but Holly Golightly always brought her own: coffee and a Danish. You'll smell both in this Olfactif customer favorite.
    • Lipstick Fever by Juliette Has a Gun naturally focuses on the historic notes used in lipsticks : Iris, Violet absolute and Raspberry. Enhanced with woody notes (Patchouli, Cedarwood) to give it a little refinement and to echo the leather of the handbag so often inseparable from it. Lipstick up ladies...wear it red, bold and proud! 
    • Memoir Woman by Amouage unfolds as a symphony of notes, changing continually over the hours, from white flowers and pink pepper to a dark symphony of absinthe, cardamom, wormwood, incense, and leather. This luxurious, powerful scent is the perfect thing to wear when you're donning a little black dress à la Audrey.
    • Vanille Farfelue by JD Jeffery Dame is an airy floral, but what really shines through is the sparkling aldehydes that give it a powdery, soapy, oh-so-comforting feel with woody crushed vanilla bean notes lingering on the skin like a cozy wool sweater that’s been worn in for that perfect fit.
    • Features 5 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough perfume for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • This sample pack tilts feminine